The Team

We founded Visual Bridges in the year 2001 to build cinematic bridges into the fascinating world of science.

To achieve this goal we have established an efficient team of media representatives from various fields. Every single member of the Visual Bridges team is a specialist in their respective field and it's a delight to work with them.

Dr. Wolfgang Meschede

Dr. Wolfgang Meschede

Dr. Wolfgang Meschede, born 1967, father of two daughters, studied Biology with a doctorate at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Robert Bosch scholarship for Scientific Journalism. At Visual Bridges: Executive producer, head of experiment- and game setup, author and director of documentaries, development of tv formats.

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Salim Butt

Salim Butt

Salim Butt, Master's degree in Philosophy, Anglistics and Politics, Scientific Journalist. At Visual Bridges: Organiser for many years, show-runner, author, director of serials. Also, Salim Butt is leading the castings and the development of format ideas at the company.

Telefon +49 (0)221 534171 02

Staff members

Direction, Execution, Script

  • Dirk Nabersberg
  • Hans Jürgen von der Burchard
  • Dirk Gilson
  • Daniel Haase
  • Jonas Lang
  • Annalena Renneisen
  • Martin Pieck
  • Sina Klaus

Hosts, Reporters

  • Tommy Scheel
  • Burkhardt Weiss
  • Dr. Ulrike Brandt-Bohne
  • Adrian Pflug

Camera, Lighting

  • Christian Eichenauer
  • Rainer Friedrich


  • Alex Czart
  • Christian Herrmanns

Experiment Setups

  • Robert Manz
  • Ralf Gebhardt

Safety of heights

  • Rami Ohana

Graphics, 360 Grad

  • Klaus Wache
  • Sylvia Wolf

Our Partners

  • Guerilla Gardens

  • Sounds Fresh

  • Theo Schmitz

  • derArt - Kostüm, Bühne, Film

  • MBTV - Produktions GmbH, Berlin

  • Fraunhofer IAIS

  • Stangier Regel Borchard Anwälte

  • Superblau GmbH


Looking for interns

We offer a position for an intern to support our team and we are looking forward to your application.

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