Visual Bridges has been in the business since 2001 – founded then by already experienced television makers. Our multifaceted work for TV and media-adjacent industries go way beyond the scope of this page. So instead, we have prepared for you a selection of examples that we consider significant.


Series, above all, benefit from our unusual variety of ideas and our ability to keep "reinventing the wheel".

  • Kopfball (ARD)

    Kopfball (ARD)

    We gave Kopfball (engl. “Header”) a complete rebranding and a cast full of a young reporters. With this team, we went out more than 500 times to answer questions from the audience. These reporters were prepared to do anything they could to get those answers – all the way to neck breaking self trials.

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  • Quarks & Co (WDR)

    Quarks & Co (WDR)

    In this weekly science program from the WDR – hosted by Ranga Yogeshwa – we expanded our skillset tremendously and created more than 200 contributions.

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  • 1, 2 or 3 (ZDF)

    1, 2 or 3 (ZDF)

    For the evergreen of ZDF children’s television, we put the host Elton into some pretty tricky situations: from running across glowing embers, to climbing a castle’s tower like Rapunzel, all the way to being struck by lightning.

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Documentaries and Reports

In our reports we follow scientists on exciting expeditions and capture gripping moments through the camera lens. Our documentaries focus on creating connections through researching reasons and backgrounds on various complex topics.

  • The Race for the Human Genome (ZDF)

    The Race for the Human Genome (ZDF)

    The decoding of approximately 3 billion letters of human DNA was a groundbreaking success. But what happens next with this valuable information?

  • The Search for Traces in Peru (WDR)

    The Search for Traces in Peru (WDR)

    Scientists unravel the meaning of the Nasca-Lines – mysterious drawings found in the desert of Atacama – and discover remnants of their creators.

  • Treasure Hunters near Florida (WDR)

    Treasure Hunters near Florida (WDR)

    Golden coins from the 16th century, value: 100,000 US-Dollars per piece. This is what drives treasure hunters who dive off of the coast of Florida to retrieve the valuable payload of sunken spanish ships.

Short Films

Our short films aim to educate in an entertaining way – in cross-media encyclopedias, in teaching proposals for students or on the websites of research institutes and federal ministries (Max Planck Society, Fraunhofer Society, Federal Ministry for Education and Research).

  • Country Lexicon (Brockhaus publishing company)

    Country Lexicon (Brockhaus publishing company)

    120 short films vividly complement the book versions of the cross-media Encyclopedia of the Earth. The films portray famous attractions, unique buildings or strange cultures.

  • Animal Lexicon (Brockhaus publishing company)

    Animal Lexicon (Brockhaus publishing company)

    160 fascinating short films portray selected animal species. In combination with 8 book volumes, these films form an outstanding cross-media animal encyclopedia.

  • Experiment Films (Cornelsen publishing company)

    Experiment Films (Cornelsen publishing company)

    More than 30 entertaining short films present curriculum related phenomena and experiments from biology, physics and chemistry – especially experiments that are too dangerous for students or too elaborate for teachers.