Visual Bridges AG is a company that thrives on creativity and flexibility. We are just as able to report on a research project at the “edge of the world” with a minimal crew as we are able to producce an elaborate and technically challenging series with a large team. Our services in detail:

Film Production

Film Production for tv is our business. We offer the a whole range of content creation including ideation, research, script development & direction, as well as commercial execution such as calculations, contracts, schedule & personnel planning. Technical realization is achieved together with our established and experienced partners for camera, sound, editing, colour grading & mixing.

Format development

We have an abundance of quirky, funny, empathetic and great ideas which we incorporate into the development of new formats. Through our intensive involvement in ‘storytelling’ of all sorts over the past few decades, we have acquired a high level of dramaturgical craftsmanship which we use to forge entertaining formats as well as educational and science-based projects.

Game Development

Nothing is more exciting that a competition- in real life or on television. With decades of experience in narrative forms on one hand and a profound knowledge of the construction and execution of experiments on the other, we are predestined for the development and realisation of television game shows. “Exciting, fast-paced, funny and yet educational”, that’s how our clients describe our games for their TV series and shows.

Experiment Setup

With a background in scientific journalism, we know exactly how important it is to create appealing visualizations, especially if you want to ensure that connections and phenomena are truly comprehensible. While constructing experiments we put this belief into practice: We are trained by countless previous setups from simple tabletop experiments to large-scale tests and literally hundreds of extras and props.


Without a strong cast, even the best idea for a format will not succeed. That is why we have always taken care of the casting of our protagonists ourselves – be it hosts or reporters, be it versatile and pleasant young candidates and side-kicks, or be it experts who deliver authentic scientific knowledge in front of the camera.