Sleeping outside in the open air instead of inside a warm house is a great adventure for anyone, young and old. Especially if the sleeping place is where no one would imagine or dare to stay overnight.

In each episode of “SLEEPING OUTSIDE”, the comfortable home bed travels and lands in a different, very unusual place - such as on the hallowed turf of a 'Bundesliga' football stadium, amidst wild animals inside a zoo, in the middle of a marshland and many more exciting places.


  • 32 days of shooting
  • 80 days of editing
  • Fun fact: People have not slept this much on any other German TV-Show in 2017


In each of these locations, two youngsters get to spend the night along with their host Tommy Scheel. However, the comfortable bed only offers space for one of the two youngsters, therefore they must compete for it in a challenging competition. The loser must spend the night uncomfortably in a locally improvised manner somewhere next to the bed.

“SLEEPING OUTSIDE- The Bed Race” lets its viewers witness the experiences and feelings of its protagonists, far away from their cosy bedrooms, all while playfully delivering knowledge on its various locations.

8 x 25 Min
Client: ZDF
Target audience: Kinder- und Jugend
Genre: Non-Fiction
Year of production: 2017

SLEEPING OUTSIDE in the ZDF Media Library


  • Format Development
  • Casting
  • Location Scouting
  • Game Development
  • Script
  • Direction
  • Production
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