DIE SPORTSMACHER is comprised of Laura Knöll and Stefan Bodemer who each tackle different topics about sports. While Stefan reports emotionally, always trying to get to the heart of a sport; Laura is more scientific, always offering an aha! experience. Together they show how fun and entertaining sports can be.

DIE SPORTSMACHER offers a very personal and exciting view on the universe of sports. This program can be viewed on television and on the internet.

30 x 25 Min
Client: ZDF
Genre: Kids Entertainment
Year of production: 2018-19
Broadcasting Slot: Thursdays 19:25 on KiKA

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  • 78 sport disciplines
  • Dirk Nabersberg was previously a moderator on ‚Pfiff', the children’s sportscast on ZDF. Currently he is producing DIE SPORTMACHER.


  • In-house development, ideation and concept implementation
  • Content-related research
  • Development of editorial department
  • Moderator casting
  • Full production
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