• SLEEPING OUTSIDE – First Broadcast

    23. Sep 2017
    SLEEPING OUTSIDE – First Broadcast

    "SLEEPING OUTSIDE – The Bed Race" is testing out the most unusual sleeping locations under the open sky. But who gets to sleep in the bed, and who doesn't? Learn more: every Saturday at 5:20pm beginning on 23rd September on KiKA.

    Watch SLEEPING OUTSIDE in the ZDF media library.

  • Winner of the »Golden Sparrow 2017«

    16. Jun 2017
    Winner of the »Golden Sparrow 2017«

    Jury statement: The winner of the 25th German Children's Media Festival “GOLDEN SPARROW 2017” is Checkpoint – The Great CO2-Battle! The host of the entertainment show is Tommy Scheel. The format of the program consists of girls vs. boys in the C22-Battle, with experiments that are explained in a brief, thorough and comprehensible way.

    Furthermore, climate change was explained using models. The games of the show included races with coke & mint propulsion, quizzes about CO2, fire extinguishing with dry ice, lamp replacement to save electricity, car-on-balloon experiments as well as sawing slices of wood and placing them in boxes.

    We opted for Checkpoint because the show features unique and fun experiments with a short and simple explanation. The learning factor is provided through experiments that are entertaining, simple, and understandable. The show and its host Tommy Scheel are greatly entertaining and never become boring. That's why Checkpoint is our winner.