Limitless curiosity and the pure joy of simply trying out things – these needs are satisfied in our show »Checkpoint« with unusual experiments and games for children and youngsters. Because in »Checkpoint« a team of boys is testing out everything that young people consider cool, fathers have always wanted to try, and leaves a mothers breathless.

Can a skateboard be accelerated with an engine? What happens if I hold a lighter to a bottle of deodorant? Can I fry sausages in an exhaust pipe? With such unique experiments the »Checkpoint« test team finds unconventional answers to some rather usual and some less mundane questions.


  • 80 days of shooting
  • 300 days of editing
  • 320 experiments


During the sometimes spectacular activities, host Tommy Scheel is lending his support to the team: He's constructing, experimenting, consulting and laughing with the group – even if things go wrong. The boys are faced by a team of girls who will compete against them in the »Girls vs. Boys Challenge«.

The battle of the sexes is on: Who can aim better, who is more courageous, who is better at handling cars, construction machines, and fire – boys or girls? »Checkpoint« finds out and lets the youngsters park cars by lifting them up with a crane, balance on a high wire, dissect eyes, jump into the water with a BMX bike or clean portable toilets.

40 x 25 Min
Client: ZDF
Target audience: Kinder- und Jugend
Genre: Non-Fiction
Year of production: 2014-16


  • Conversion of the format to match "German conditions"
  • Casting the host
  • Casting the test team
  • Location Scouting
  • Script
  • Game setup
  • Implementing and securing the experiments
  • Direction
  • Production
  • Postproduction of the serial (Arrangement of episodes, assembly, trailer, best-of and more)
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The programme is based on the successful production »Checkpoint« by the dutch channel »Evangelische Omroep«. The dutch serial was honored by the children's jury with the »Prix Jeunesse« in the category »7-11 Non-Fiction« in 2012.